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Ready to invest in a multi-fx pedal and new (to me) guitar - struggling on where to invest. Input would be great!

So, life/living situation (small apartment with wife, baby on the way, don't have $$ for individual pedals and amps, etc.) has had me downsizing my rig. I have a taylor acoustic electric, and a MiM fender mustang (more on that later). To me, have to be real. I won't be hitting the stage or doing big jams with people. I just want to enjoy playing at home

I think I've come around to investing a multi-fx pedal. or MAYBE a combo amp that has what I want. I would love to hear what you all think I should for. I'll try and sum up what I'd like to have

Budget: Less than $1000 (ideally less than $500)

Longevity - looking for something that would be both software supported and last me anywhere from 4-8 years

features: Built in tuner, built in looper - ideally has built it/comes with expression pedal to control this, but if it's extra hopefully not too much extra $$

Headphone jack

interface/power: do most multi-fx pedals have the ability to just be self powering? for example could I just plug the pedal's power supply in, plug my headphone and guitar into the pedal, and play/listen? or do I have to also have an interface? Ideally, I do NOT want to invest in an interface.

Music style: Emo, shoegaze, pop punk, indie, beatles, lots of reverb

sounds/recording: ideally amp and cab simulator. editor software as well. I'll be just using my macbook and likely garageband

Options I've considered: Valeton gp100, Mooer ge-150, Line 6 pod pro, Line 6 HELIX LT (big buy but it seems so awesome), boss gt-1, boss gt-100, Boss Katana, Fender gtx100

I'd love to sell my guitar (fender mustang) and either get an epiphone p90 casino, or a fender HSS. Also considering SG/les paul variants.

Thanks for any feedback for anyone who has a setup similar to what I have.
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Need help with my new Casino

Hi guys. I recently purchased a brand new Epiphone Casino. I’ve been playing casually for over 20 years but I’ve not owned an electric since I was 18, so it’s all new to me again.
Anyways, I picked it up tonight for a quick blast and noticed the neck pick up is non existent. Even with everything turned up full you can barely hear it. Ive only had it a few weeks, but I’m certain I would have noticed it before.
Now I know I should return it for a replacement, but I purchased it online and kind of fell In love with it, not sure I want to risk a different one.
Do you think it’s a simple problem to fix? Or is that impossible to say? I was going to send it to a luthier for a setup, so should I just ask him to have a look first? What would you do?
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Epiphone customer service is pretty good

I got a new epiphone casino a few days ago from Musicians Friend, fit and finish were great, just needed a setup. It had saddle buzz and I couldn't get rid of it by bending the retainer wire, and I realized the D sting collar groove was cockeyed. I emailed support, explained the issue, and they are sending me a new bridge, no questions asked.
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[GEAR] My most current collection

Pretty happy with my current setup which is mostly Nash/Casino/LP->pedal->Vox.


Guitars (L-R)
Partscaster telecaster (all-parts neck, double bound MJT body, "closet-clean" relicing with custom wound PAF in neck)
Danelectro 12-string
Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster (only mod is sanded down neck)
Nash T-52
MIK Epiphone Casino (swapped in Kent Armstrong low output p90s, stripped finish from neck)
80s Burny Super Grade Les Paul
Partscaster CoodercasteStratocaster (w/Fralin Big Single in bridge)
Epiphone viola bass
MIM Fender P-bass

Ditto looper
Donner Delay
Boss CS-3 Compressor
Xotic EP Booster
Ibanez mini TS
Boss BD-2
Boss TU-3

Vox AC15 stock
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue (with Eminence GA10-SC64, Tung Sol powers/pres, Z bake attenuator

That's most of it not including a couple older guitars, any acoustics, and practice amps.

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I wanted to share my latest pedal-filled album (and answer your pedal/recording questions)

Hey pedal people. Almost 2 years ago I shared my first album with this sub. The reception was very positive, so I thought I'd share my follow-up! Here's a link to Bandcamp (totally free), and I finally got my music on Spotify (thanks, DistroKid).
This time it's even more spacey, ambient, chaotic, and effects-heavy. The basic style touches on post-rock, indie, ambient, and progressive. If you're into bands like Radiohead, EITS, 65daysofstatic, Hammock, The Dear Hunter, Mogwai, or Porcupine Tree, you might like it.
It took me nearly 2 years to write and record this, and the process started before I even released my last album. I totally changed my guitar setup this time - just about everything was recorded DI from my Bassbreaker 15 and Yamaha THR, with cab-sim applied in post. Bass was recorded with a Sansamp BDDI. Only drums were mic'd up. Going DI made things much easier and gave me more time to focus on production. This is also the first time I recorded in stereo, which made a huge difference for ambient swells and drones. I took a lot more influence from ambient and classical artists in general, such as Hammock and Olafur Arnalds, which I think you can hear in the pads and strings throughout the album.

To keep this focused on pedals, here's the basic signal chain I used for most of the songs. I'll bold pedals that were used frequently.
Mooer Yellow Comp > EHX Pitchfork > Bearfoot HoneyBee > Walrus Mayflower > Spruce Effects Saltwater Fuzz > BAT Pharaoh > Catalinbread Montavillian > Strymon El Capistan > EHX Small Stone > Strymon Flint > Empress Reverb (stereo out). Other gear included an EQD Dirt Transmitter, Red Panda Context, ss/bs Mini, Foxpedal Defector, and some other random gear.
Guitars were mostly an American Special Tele, Classic Player Jazzmaster, Hagstrom Viking, and a Squier Jaguar bass. I also used an Epiphone Casino and a modded HSS Strat on a couple songs.
Please feel free to ask about the effects, gear, or production techniques I used on any part of the album. This is guitarpedals after all, so if you want to know the pedals at 1:27 in a specific song, ask away. I'd also be happy to share some advice on recording from home if you want to start producing your own music.
Thanks for listening, and happy pedaling!
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[GEAR] I need a favor from anyone attending NAMM 2014

First time posting here. I have a HUGE favor for anyone attending NAMM 2014. Please stop by the Epiphone booth and look for (or inquire about) a Blueburst Epiphone Casino. Please find out about it and when it should become available. If it's not there could you please inquire about it and message me? It may also be a Gary Clarke Jr "Signature" Blak and Blu Casino or something along those lines. There are photo's out there both with and without a Bigsby and I am in love with that guitar. I almost pulled the trigger and purchased a Casino but now after seeing this picture I want to wait until I know this will or won't be an option this model year. Here's a picture of this beautiful guitar. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/923155_621810711181745_918262722_n.jpg
So if anyone going could inquire and pm me I would be ever so grateful. P.S. Also ask the great folks at the Gibson booth if no info from Epiphone.
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[DISCUSSION] D'Angelico Crazy Deals Recently: Is It A Good Guitar?

So I picked up the Premier DC in November when it was on crazy sale at Guitar Center, kind of on a whim since I didn't have a hollow body. And I have to say, I've been impressed!
Quality Control:
I had one issue, the pots were not tightened completely and spun. As far as setup goes, I have not had to make any adjustments. Not a single one. That's pretty incredible for a brand new guitar, and this was still in plastic so no tech had touched it. I mean, I'm really knit picky about this stuff, and I have been really impressed. The frets are flat filed, not rounded, but that's to be expected. It's shocking for a $350 guitar.
Build Quality:
I feel like this is separate from quality control and setup. The guitar is solid. Feels better than the Ibanez Artcore in the same price range, about on par with a good Epiphone, definitely doesn't quite feel up to Gibson but it shouldn't. The construction has some points I'm not a particular fan of, like the three piece neck and the pots/switch are not very robust. In the future when I feel like getting out the fishing line I might replace the pots and wiring, though there are no real issues.
This thing sounds amazing. Way better than my friend's Epiphone Casino. Feels very classic rock in its tonal characteristics. You can really feel the sound and lean into the distorting harmonics with a pushed tube amp. It feels super natural and the controls are decent. Tone pots are wrong, I think, and get muddy as you roll off. Probably needs different caps. I really like these pickups, though. I guess the sound is close to the Gibson 59s, maybe? Something along those lines.
Other stuff:
It came with a pretty nice gig bag, it's pretty light overall but doesn't do the neck dive thing, and the headstock is really a sight to behold. I don't know how I feel about it, yet, but that little crown is hilarious.
Just to point it out, the one without F holes is up on Musician's Friend for $350 right now. That's a crazy good deal if you're into it. Mine is the same guitar but with F holes, and I would buy this one in a heartbeat.
For the sub $1000 bracket I think this is a real contender, and I love the sheer number of options available. I'm super happy with the double cutaway and wine color, but the SC in White is gorgeous, too. At $750 I would have a hard time with things like the Hagstrom and higher end Epiphones sitting there. But at $350? Dude, there's no competition.
What do you guys think?
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Any advice on making a flipped righty guitar lefty more comfortable?

So i have a lefty flipped epiphone casino full hollow body and have been struggling to keep the fretboard comfortable. At one point it was perfect but i cant figure out my setup anymore.
Can anyone help me? Cheers
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Help! I've got terrible GAS and I need advice!

The setup! I really really want a Squier Classic Vibe 50s tele. I can get one for $340 USD.
I have equipment I can sell to get it. Here is what I have...
So I have 3 primary guitars.
I have a Epiphone Les Paul w/ a Bigsby. I emulate Neil Young a lot when I play, so this one should stay, but it is heavy as hell! It actually hurts my shoulder after a 3 hour session. I have a tweed hardshell case for it. I think I should be able to sell it all for $400, but I'd be losing $100 on my investment there.
I have an Epiphone Casino, straight stock, no case. It's the antithesis of heavy! I want to keep it for its vintage tones and its 6.5 pounds of ease when I play. I can sell it for $500 or more, but I would sincerely regret it.
I also have a Cordoba C5 CE. It's a very nice classical with electronics. I want to keep it as it's my only acoustic guitar, and while the band doesn't ever see it, it's what I take to open mics and what I use to write lyrics and such.
So, I have 3 guitars that I don't want to lose. The Les Paul is my first thought, but then that leaves me with no Bigsby, no guitar with humbuckers.
Other things I could sell include Strymon pedals. I have the Ola, Brigadier, and the OB1. I use chorus often, but my amp has built in tube frequency modulation (old Mangnatone circuitry) that I could use instead. If I missed it terribly, I could replace it with another chorus pedal down the line.
I also have a Douglas 'Beatle' bass I could hock for about $150, but I really like having that about.
Ugggh! Help me fellow lefties!
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[Question] I need help with my budget Christmas list

I am working on a Christmas list where I am upgrading my gear a little. I currently play a prs se soapbar 1 or an epiphone casino through a fender m80 or an irig and some sort of phone amp. For Christmas I am looking at getting a thr 5 a cheaper loop pedal a joyo vintage overdrive and a joyo American sound. Since I am newer to pedals and this amp setup can someone please help me justify or tweak my pedal choices. I want to play anything from John Mayer to alternative and maybe some heavier gain stuff. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.
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[NGD] On/off hollow body

So I just got my first hollow body. Epiphone Casino. It plays very nice & sounds great! It needs new strings & a setup, but other than that I'm loving it.
It obviously came with the stock white pickguard which is ok. So I took pics of it on & off:
On Off
Which do you prefer? I like it without the PG.
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